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Syllabus of our Seminars

During our seminars, you will learn the foundations of forex trading from as simple as reading the charts, the difference and applications of multiple time frames, opening and closing of positions to basic money management. You will also learn some Technical Analysis and how they are applied to intraday trading. You will be able to find and learn the best strategies and instruments to trade on a daily basis.

What you will bring back from the seminar:
  • A full understanding of the functionality within MT4 and our intuitive Member Area
  • Money and Risk Management tips and tricks. Evaluate your acceptable risk in trading.
  • Know good trading opportunities regardless of trends and when to enter the volatile market
  • Network with the Industry experts with a conclusive Q&A session to firm up your understanding
  • Confidence in trading through understanding and methodological trading sense
Previous Seminars
Free Forex Seminars

AximTrade seminars are free and hosted regularly within the regions with our trusted partners and trainers. Our mission is to educate our clients and investors to the risk and opportunities within forex trading and help them develop their understanding and skills to gain more income and be consistent.

Localised Content

Our Seminars are meant to be dynamic. No 2 seminars are the same as our trainers and partners will be focusing on the content most relevant in the current market. You will gain “little treasures” with their tips and experiences gained from years of trading online. Our trainers will also be training you in your local language where you will be able to fully understand the topics and actively engage in our Q&A sections.

Collaboration with well-known partners and entities

Our free forex seminars & workshops will be hosted by some of the most recognized faces in the industry. We are also actively collaborating with entities like WikiFX, TraderViet and seasoned industry experts. The sole desire to provide you with the best industry advice, stay relevant with the current market and trading strategies and also meet and greet with our forex celebrities. We will cover a wide range of topics designed to meet the needs for all types of traders, from the beginners to the advanced professionals.